I’ve struggled with being happy for almost as long as I can remember. To me, happiness was always fleeting, never lasting. I’d be happy one minute, but pretty soon it was gone with no sign of returning. I was always looking for things that would bring lasting joy to me… looking and failing. I thought that when I graduated high school I’d be happy, when I found a job, when I found a better job, when I was in a new area, when I was older, when I had more money, when I had this, when I was that, and pretty soon months, even years had passed and I still hadn’t found anything that had given me a lasting happiness. Not that I was always down right miserable, I was just… existing, emotionless. My mom always tells me that you have to choose to be happy. Every. Darn. Day. So that is what I’m trying to be. It’s slowly working. It’s not like a light switch, it can’t be just turned on. I’m still pretty ‘nothing’ most days, but I am trying to choose to be happy, who knew it was such a hard thing. This is something that I’m going to try to work on everyday. I believe it’ll get a little easier, like most things, with practice. I know it’ll all be worth it in the long run & I’ll look back and my sad/stuck/emotionless days will be a faint memory.

Sorry I’ve been so nonexistent these past few weeks, I’ve been so busy & uninspired lately.


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Everyone Kinda Look

I’m the absolute worst when it comes to naming my looks. I’m like, well, I used lot’s a browns so lets call this one “brown look”…. Okay, maybe not that bad, but pretty close. I’ve already used names like simple, easy, natural, soft, and stuff like that that I would have liked to call this look, but then I thought “hey, this would literally look good on everyone!” So there it is, this is an everyone kinda look.




Who doesn’t love a big eye look?! Exactly. That’s why this is an everyone kinda look.

Here’s what I used for this everyone kinda look:

Happy Fall Y’all! <3


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Latest Loves

Since I haven’t posted hardly anything in forever and a day I thought I’d round up some things I’ve been loving and some things I desperately need with all of my life  want.

Here are my latest loves-

Maskcara Beauty Emerald City Eye Shadow Oh. My. Gosh. You guys. This is totally not a shadow I’d normally buy, but something just pulled me to it. I figured I’d use it like a few times when I wanted a pop of color. This color is SO versatile. If you use just a pinch you can wear it every. darn. day. you can also pack it on and rock a super bold eye. It’s honestly one of the most beautiful pieces of makeup I’ve ever used/seen.

Sephora Tranquil Bronzer I wouldn’t really call this a bronzer, but rather a contour shade. I use it to set my cream contour and let me tell you it’s a game changer. It’s extremely cool toned so you have to use a light hand, but when applied right it it creates what looks like an actual shadow rather than just looking like product. It’s really amazing.

Tarte Shape Tape I desperately want to try this concealer. I’ve tested the testers at Ulta and I think I’ll really like it, but it is seriously out of stock in the color I need EVERYWHERE. I’m debating on whether I should order it, or wait…

Wet N Wild Reserve Your Cabana This highlighter is EVERYTHING. It’s so soft and subtle, not glittery at all. It’s my dream powder highlighter. I love my cream ones, but I really need to set them so they’ll last and last. This really helps with that!

Hope y’all have a great week! *Smooch*


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Perfect Smokey Eye

I see so many cool toned smokey eyes. I see just as many warm toned smokey eyes. What I hardly ever see is a warm and cool toned smokey eye. I love the contrast of warm and cool colors, so I decided to create this look. Let me tell you that it’s one of the best I’ve created in all my years of doing makeup. These photos honestly don’t even do it justice! Without further adieu the warm & cool smokey eye.

Warm and cool-6

Of course I paired this bad boy with a nice nude lip.

Warm and cool-3

Warm and cool

Warm and cool-5

I used everything, but the kitchen sink.. so sorry about that, but I wanted it to be perfect.





Have a grand day!


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Back to School Makeup

If you’re one of those suckers who got roped into going to school this year, you have my condolences… Kidding of course. Good for you! I think that everyone should have a chance to do what they want, so if going to school gets you there, or close, more power to you. It just wasn’t for me. Anywho, I hope all of you going back to school have a great semester!

This back to school makeup look is super quick, easy, and makes you look like you didn’t stay up half the night watching The X Files and eating too much candy… *cough cough* Abby Freel *cough*

Back to School-2

P.S. This is actually my first blog post that I’ve made since I moved to Tennessee almost 3 months ago. The struggle is real babes. I Have been doing Instagram Exclusive posts so you can check those out! So that is my pale yellow room. With a crap ton of stuff hanging from my closet & a messy bed. Ah, yes. Homey.

Back to School

Back to School-3

I’ve really been loving the focus on the eyes lately… something so soft about it.

Here is what I used:


It feels so good to be back!


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Here’s one of the most simple looks I can bring you. This beautiful natural neutral look is perfect for everyday- no matter what you’re doing.


Here’s what I used:

Have a very good day!


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Deep Crease

If you’ve been following me for longer than 10 seconds you probably know that I’m a natural makeup kind of gal. I just love the way you can enhance your features without changing them much at all. Don’t get me wrong, I like bold looks- I just tend to lean the other way. This look is kind of the best of both worlds. I paired a moderately deep crease with a nude lip.

35O full-3

35O full-4

35O full-5

Here’s what I used:

Thanks for reading my loves!


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Not So Subtly Sexy

You’ll definitely be turning heads this summer with this (not so) subtly sexy look. I paired a little heavier top liner with a sexy pale pink lip.

35O full-2


Here’s What I Used:

  • Aura (Highlight), Ash (Main Contour), Shadow (Nose Contour), Baby Watermelon (Blush),  Honey (Illuminator) all from Maskcara Beauty.
  • All of my shadows are from the Morphe 35O (Out of stock, but restocks regularly) Shades aren’t named so here’s a picture with numbers.

    • I used shade #1 all over my lid and to highlight my brow bone.
    • I mixed shades #2 and #3 in my crease.
    • I blended out my crease with shade #4.
    • I forgot to number it, but I used just a touch of the shade directly to the right of shade #1 in the inner corner of my eyes.
    • That’s it! Isn’t that easy?!
  • Clinique Liquid Liner (Top Liner)
  • Lined my lips with OCC Sebastian Liner
  • ColourPop Ultra Satin Lippie in Littlestitious.
  • I used Mac Brun to fill my brows
  • Topped of my brows with Brow Gel
  • Coated my lashes in BTS Mascara
  • Applied Ardell Natural Lashes with Duo Lash Glue
  • Finished off with Nyx Setting Spray

Have a good day y’all!


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Simple Bridal Makeup

It’s wedding season so I thought I’d share this simple EASY Bridal Makeup. It’s beautiful with just enough glam for your special day.

Simple Bridal Makeup

Simple Bridal Makeup-2

Simple Bridal Makeup-3

Here’s how to get this look:

I hope you love this bridal makeup as much as I do!

Have the most wonderful of days!


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Peaches and Plums

I was inspired by none other than simple fruit for this next look- a plum smokey eye and a peachy lip. This look is so wearable and easy, really anyone could do it! Lately I’ve been really loving smokey eyes and I love pairing them with a softer, more simple lip. I also chose to leave my blush a little more vibrant to really wake this look up!

Peaches and Plums-

Peaches and Plums-3

Sorry that this photo is so oddly colored/lighted, my camera must have been on a weird setting

Here is what I used:

Hope y’all have been great! Baseball season is back so I’ve been thoroughly enjoying that!!


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