Sweet makeup22

Hello there, I’m Abby.

I’m an avid Christ follower, beauty blogger, baseball watcher,

TV watcher, child caretaker, and food eater.

I was born and raised in a teeny tiny town in Northern Michigan.

I’ve lived my life as the youngest of three children. I have an older brother, Andrew, and an older sister, Anna.

As an 18 year old faced with many decisions about her upcoming life, I have chosen the path less traveled.In the spring I will be moving to the great state of Tennessee to start my career as a nanny, (fingers crossed). Although it has been quite frowned upon to not attend college, I’ve chosen to follow my dreams with the support of my family behind me.

My baseball obsession started at the age of 13 when my lovely Aunt Katie turned my eyes upon the magnificent man that is Rick Porcello. I’ve been a Tiger fanatic even since. My makeup obsession followed not much longer. It started small, buying a lipstick or eye shadow every once in a while, and grew, shopping way too often at Sephora. In the past year I’ve tripled my makeup collection & thought it would only be fair to pass my tips and tricks along.

I hope you enjoy following my journey through every fastball, curveball, and sinker thrown my way.


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