Back to School Makeup

If you’re one of those suckers who got roped into going to school this year, you have my condolences… Kidding of course. Good for you! I think that everyone should have a chance to do what they want, so if going to school gets you there, or close, more power to you. It just wasn’t for me. Anywho, I hope all of you going back to school have a great semester!

This back to school makeup look is super quick, easy, and makes you look like you didn’t stay up half the night watching The X Files and eating too much candy… *cough cough* Abby Freel *cough*

Back to School-2

P.S. This is actually my first blog post that I’ve made since I moved to Tennessee almost 3 months ago. The struggle is real babes. I Have been doing Instagram Exclusive posts so you can check those out! So that is my pale yellow room. With a crap ton of stuff hanging from my closet & a messy bed. Ah, yes. Homey.

Back to School

Back to School-3

I’ve really been loving the focus on the eyes lately… something so soft about it.

Here is what I used:


It feels so good to be back!


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