Florida Fun!

A couple weeks ago a friend of mine and myself drove down to Florida to stay with the family I’m working for for about a week. Just to put this in perspective, it takes about 21 hours (without traffic) to get there. We spent about 4 good days in the car total. The drive down went great because we had warm, sunny Florida to look forward to, but the drive back was terrible because all we had was 30 degree weather waiting for us at home…. sitting in a traffic jam for three hours in Georgia wasn’t very nice either, but at least we made it through safe and sound. I thought I’d share some pictures and talk about my favorite parts a little bit. Enjoy.

Parasailing 3 Parasailing 2 Parasailing

We went parasailing and it was so much fun!! It was way more smooth once you’re up there. Didn’t even really feel like you were moving. Definitely worth doing at least once. The scariest part was the boat ride- the water was a little choppy and the guys working were young and didn’t hesitate to jump across the ocean hitting all the bumps. We were flying all over that boat. They were pretty cool though, nice guys.

We also went paddle boarding and boogie boarding, but didn’t get any pictures. We paddle boarded on a day with too many waves so it was very hard especially being our first time, but it was still really fun. The next day when we went boogie boarding the waves were basically nonexistent, but it was out last day and wanted to squeeze it in. Overall, very fun even if we did switch the days.

Alexa and Me

Alexa & I- she actually turned two while they were down there. She’s the sweetest child ever.


This is the only photo I have of Jayde while we were down there. She was loving the snapchat filters.

Tayah, Ally, and Me

Ally, Tayah, and I. I absolutely loved how her hair curled from the humidity.

Me, Ally, & Tayah

Everyone thought she was my baby & I didn’t mind at all because she’s so darn cute and sweet!


I mean, come on, look at that precious face!! I don’t think they come any cuter than her!



Al and I were super cool, obviously…

Ally and Me

Me and Ally

We loved the ocean and were a little tan I suppose.

I absolutely loved waking up next to the ocean. I hope to live close to the ocean one day. (Even a couple hours away from it).

Have a lovely day!


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