Soft Natural Makeup

During the Christmas Season you see so many bold makeup looks. While I love them, I thought some of you might want something a little more soft, natural, but just a pretty to wear to your Christmas parties.

Soft Makeup

You can certainly pull this off any time of the year.

What I used:

We’re in the home stretch, Christmas is on Friday! We can do this!


P.S. Did you guys go to Star Wars last week? My mom & I went on Friday and I will say that it was pretty darn awesome. The more I think about it the better I think it was. I like it better now that I did right after I saw it… & it’s not even really my thing.

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Latest Loves

As I sit here waiting for my steak to rest so I can devour it, I thought “why not write a blog post,” so here I am. These are some of my latest loves.

Did y’all know that Claire’s sells Sterling Silver earrings? This probably isn’t a big deal to you, but it is to me. I can’t wear anything other than silvers and golds in my ears, but cheap earrings are always so cute & left me jealous. Now, that Claire’s sells Sterling Silver I can have the best of both worlds! I picked up 3 sets These Studs, and the other 2 aren’t available online, so sorry, but I’m sure you’ll catch them in a picture of me sometime.

Sephora Cream Lip Stain, I got this in the color Infinite Rose and it is lovely. The color, texture, everything is awesome. It’s not quite transfer proof, but it lasts a long time.

Grill Mates Peppercorn & Garlic, this marinade is the bomb and I love it sooooo much!

Merry Almost Christmas, but not really!


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10 minute Makeup

10 minutes is actually quite a while, and my before and after of this makeover were taken about 10 minutes apart. This is extremely minimal makeup, but I also washed my face, brushed my teeth, applied a moisturizer, brushed my hair, and got dressed in that 10 minutes. This is everyday, running out the door, simple makeup.

10 minute makeover before

The above is me before I washed my face and everthing.

10 minute Makeup 1

This was me about 10 minutes later.

10 minute makeup 2

P.S. I decided to wear a hat instead of using dry shampoo because I was only going to be out off the house for about an hour and it seemed like a waste.

I used:

Hope y’all are having a stupendous day!


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Ulta Beauty Gifts

Here are my top picks from the beauty gifts at Ulta for your Christmas season!

Tarte Greatest Glitz– this has a little bit of everything

Too Faced French Kisses– for the lipstick junkie

Real Techniques Brush Set– for the girl with too many… I mean not enough brushes

Lorac Love, Lust, & Lace Lip Set– for the glossy goddess

Too Faced Christmas Miracles Set– a little bit of everything with a few of my favorites

Eos Holiday Lip Balm– for your lip balm babe

The Body Shop Body Butter Set– for the body butter beauty

Philosophy Holiday Handbook– for the hottie who loves hand lotion

Ulta Holiday Tumbler Gift set– I bought a couple of these during black Friday because they’ll make a perfect gift for anyone: teacher, friend, neighbor, cousin, whatever

Happy Holidays!


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Sephora Beauty Gifts

I thought I’d scrounge up some of my favorites from Sephora’s Beauty gifts for her. I’ll also be doing an Ulta one so keep an eye open for that.

Kat Von D Monarch Eye & Lip Set– beautiful palette and the lip colors look wonderful too

Sephora Favorites Beauty Closet– this has a little bit of everything

The Gingerbread House Set by philosophy– for the Shower gel lover

Formula X Bottle Service Set– for the mani pedi lover

Wen Cleansing Conditioner Trio– for someone that envies healthy hair

Jem and The Holograms Lip Set– for the lipstick junkie

Benefit- Do the Hoola Kit– for the bronzed babe

Benefit Tinted Balms– for the blushing beauty

Luster Matte Lip Set– for the matte lip lover

Living Proof Happy Hair Days Kit– for those who love their hair

Have an amazing day!


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Black Friday

I’ve been down since Thanksgiving with a terrible case of the flu, but I thought I’d try and scrounge up a post for today as I’m on the mend.

However, I did do a little Black Friday shopping on the interwebs. Here are some deals I scored on some amazing beauty products.

Bed Head Superstar Queen for a Day– this is still on sale for $9.99 so pick it up now!

Bed Head Masterpiece Shine Hairspray– Also still $9.99 so you better run and grab it.

It Cosmetics Travel brush set– I nabbed this for $10 and can’t wait to use them! (I’m letting my brother give me them and the hairspray for Christmas… Team work!)

I also grabbed a mini nail polish set for Jayde (one of the beauties I nanny for), but it looks like it’s now sold out.

I bought all the Christmas gifts I need for my family and friends while I was at it too. I won’t post about them because they could stumble across them here.

I’m going to see Krampus tonight so pray that I feel good enough!

See ya soon!


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Latest Loves

I couldn’t just pick one funny post because sometimes it’s too hard. This Amy Poehler one is so true, so me. Also, This Carl the Drug Dealer from Workaholics one gets me everytime.

The Big Short. Christian Bale’s adorableness in this preview is everything. I’ve watched the preview countless times. I can’t wait for it to come out. See you Christmas Eve.

I LOVE these NYX Lip Suedes…. granted I only have cherry skies, but I love it lots. I’ll totally buy more when they go on sale. I’m thinking Sandstorm, Soft-Spoken, Life’s a Beach, Tea & Cookies, Kitten Heels, & Vintage… so basically all of them.

Adele’s Hello. This song is beautiful. I love it very much. If you haven’t already, do it. Pronto. Also, her makeup is amazing in it. I may have to recreate.

Kate Spade Bags. I love them. I bought two off of ebay & they are so wonderfully made & gorgeous. Mmm mmm mmm.

Have a day as nice as a Kate Spade Bag.

P.S. I probably won’t be around the rest of the week due to Thanksgiving festivities. See ya sometime next week! 🙂


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The Perfect Fall Outfit

I’ll be honest the days I don’t work I rarely leave my pajamas. The days I do work I usually wear sweats, or a best yogas/leggings. I’m pretty bad. However, on occasion, I like to go out to eat or something. On those days, I might just wear a simple outfit and *gasp* jeans! Here’s one of my go to fall outfits. It’s simple, cute, comfy, and perfect for fall days that aren’t too cold.

Fall Outfit 1

A green khaki jacket paired with high waisted jeans, & a light pink shirt to make it a little flirty and girly.

Perfect Fall Outfit 1

I love these jeans! I’m a total sucker for ripped jeans. Always have been, always will be.

Fall Outfit

Also, they’re SUPER soft and comfortable.

Perfect Fall Outfit

Plus, they’re high waisted so no need to wear a bulky belt.

p.s. it was raining that day so I cuffed them to keep them from getting soaked.

Outfit details:

  • Jeans- American Eagle
  • V Neck- Wally World– you read that right, Walmart. $2.00. Super soft. Just Buy it. Now.
  • Jacket- I got mine at a consignment shop, but This One is kind of like it & so is This one.
  • Shoes- Tricked ya, I’m barefoot.

Hope your day has been easy, relaxing, & stress free. If not, join the club.


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Reflection Friday


This is a quote from the movie Interstellar. I just rewatched it for the 5th or 6th time since it came out. That movie gets me every.single.time. It’s amazing. Definitely one of my favorite movies, if not my absolute favorite.

This week I watched the girls quite a bit, and didn’t do much of anything else. I took them to my cousin Nick’s middle school basketball game & we had a blast! It made me excited to move to Tennessee with them. I live in the middle of no where practically, and when we move down near Nashville there will be so many cool things to do with the girls, and fun places to go. I can’t wait!

My mom and I are going to see The 33 tonight.

Last week we went to Spectre… I didn’t care for it, but the rest of my family liked it.

Also, I finally went to Burnt. It was fine, not great, not bad. I thought it was worth seeing, but since I went alone I told my family just to wait until it came out on video.

Also, I did something pretty exciting last week…

Chevy Equonix

I bought (with a little help from my parents) a 2011 Chevy Equinox. I love it so much!

I had such a busy week last week with only working one day that I have so much to post about!

Finally, the Freel side of my family had their annual Christmas party. Yes we celebrate it the first Saturday in November. We actually have a reason though before you start judging too hard. My grandparent head to Florida for the winter in the middle of November so we like to celebrate it with them while they’re still in Michigan.

I’s having lunch with one of my closest friends, Annie & the girls this Sunday. Pray for me that the girls behave in the restaurant 😉

 Now time for some of my likes, dislikes, wants, haves/recommend, and want to tries.

Like: These booties.

Dislike: Cold. This Michigan fall is too darn cold. I hate it.

Want: These Pajamas.

Recommend: Caress Evenly Gorgeous Body Wash– I use this every couple showers to exfoliate.

Wanna Try: it’s like ebay & I can’t wait to test it out.

Hope you have an awesome weekend!


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Graduation Part 2

Continued from Graduation Part 1

This is the party version 🙂


My cousins, Kayla & Hope, and Myself


My mom defacing my face cake.


The finished product.


My friends, Ally & Michaela, & Myself.


Two of my favorite people, my mother & Aunt Katie.


If you didn’t believe I was a weirdo by now. Proof. Right There. That’s my cousin Harley.

Again, can’t just choose a few so I’ll break it up here 🙂

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